Week Two | Learning Focus

This week we will be delving deeper into our inquiry exploring the relationships between the parts in a system and how systems work with, against and within other systems. We will look at particular systems and use diagrams and labels to explain how different systems work. 

Some of the different systems we are investigating are weather systems, river systems, solar systems, mechanical systems, circulatory system and more!


As we work towards writing our own information text we will be reading different information texts to look at how they are organised and the language and features used. We will focus on using words to describe features of different systems and how to start and finish an information report. We will also explore different types of diagrams and captions and how they can help the reader.


As we are busy measuring many objects in our inquiry we will be learning how to measure using informal and formal units. This will include comparing and ordering the length, capacity and mass of different objects. We will use scaled instruments such as tape measures and scales to measure different items. We will also be explore the concept of part part whole and understanding that numbers can be made in a variety of ways. E.g. 8 is 4 and 4, 3 and 5, 6 and 2.