Word Watcher


Word Watcher

To help improve your child’s reading and writing, we are trying to build their knowledge of the letter combinations that create various sounds by becoming Word Watchers!  Encouraging them to be aware of language through observation will allow them to be able to recognise and spell an abundance of new words with ease.

After looking through all of the students writing books, we have identified some word families/letter combinations/sounds that we feel students need to develop a better understanding of.  We chose one in particular this week and found a book that would help us with this sound.


The phonic sound we looked at was /k/. Unfortunately with this english language, the /k/ sound can have different letter combinations! (crazy – case in point!).  We asked the students to identify the different words in the book that have that /k/ sound. Here is what they came up with:



When then organised them into spelling groups and came up with the following:



        k c







We are encouraging students to become ‘Word Watcher’s at home.  When you are reading your take home books, look out for the /k/ sound and see if you can find the different letter combinations that make that sound.  We would love students to write them into their reading journals and show us during the week.