Straight into things!



Welcome back to everyone in the grade 1 neighbourhood.  We hope you have all had a lovely and restful break. It appears all of the students are excited to be back and ready to learn! We have got lots of great things in the pipeline this term and will be sharing these happenings with you on our blog.

Our Big Understanding is still centred around the idea of systems and how systems play a crucial part in our lives.  Last term we delved into the concepts of roles and responsibilities, the restaurant system and also simple machines. This term, we will continue on with those learning focuses and also start to explore the system of time and of plants.

This week we have also started our African Drumming classes! They will be a weekly activity, running for the entire term.  The first 20 of our students went along today and had a fantastic time!

If you have any questions or comments regarding our neighbourhood, please make sure you come in and see us or send us an email.  We love to hear from everyone involved in the neighbourhood.