3/4 Learning Update.

We are currently exploring the big idea of identity through perspective. Our inquiry questions are:

  • How can I explain my perspective to others?
  • How can I understand what someone else’s perspective is?

Provocations that we are setting up in the neighbourhood and our daily experiences with literacy and numeracy will provide opportunities for students to deepen their understandings.

Mantle of the Expert

The 3/4 Neighbourhoods are using a ‘Mantle of the Expert’ inquiry approach to explore different historical events and figures in line with the AusVELS strand of Humanities.

The students will explore the understandings of societies, events, movements and developments that have shaped humanity from earliest times as well as encouraging students to appreciate how the world and its people have changed to present day.

They will also inquire about life in the past and the different ways in which the past is represented. Students will focus on pirates, ships, clothing, weapons and the reasons behind piracy and how it has impacted on communities throughout history.

More specifically the students will be investigating the infamous Edward ‘Blackbeard’ Teach and his hidden treasures, an Australian timeline of piracy and finding out if there are still any active piracy in the seas.

Exploring Perspectives
Exploring Perspectives


We are beginning workshops to learn how to conduct science experiments safely and using the scientific process. We will be following the process of Predict, Observe, Explain to learn how to test our theories and identify variables that could affect results.

Scientific Exploration
Scientific Thinking


In the 3/4 neighbourhoods have already published a recount and explored writing recounts in first and third person. We are now developing our understanding of the structure of a narrative by identifying orientations, complications, resolutions and conclusions in stories. We are creating original story plans for our own narratives. We are exploring perspective through understanding the motivations, beliefs and personalities of the characters for our stories.


Currently in maths students are exploring a range of multiplication strategies through solving worded problems. During daily number experiences, students are exploring different multiplicative strategies such as repeated addition, skip counting, factorising, and using known facts to solve problems of developing complexity. Students explain the strategies that they use and are guided through a teacher led discussion to understand which strategies are most efficient in solving multiplication problems.


Problem Solving Using Arrays
Problem Solving Using Arrays