The Universal Language

…while some may argue that it is love. Science would argue that it is Mathematics/numbers. Why is this important at all? This week we have been inquiring into Number Systems. We’ve looked at how humans around the world record number past and present. From Roman Numerals, Egyptian Glyphs and Japanese characters we have explored quite a lot. Some of them made sense to us quickly, others we will have to delve a little more into later. If you have a system from your heritage this would be a fun time to share it with us, even if it is as simple as counting in a different language.

We have started conversations about Base 10 Systems and it reminded us of an interactive called ‘The Scale of the Universe’ that we used when we were exploring parts and forms of Space, the Human Body and Land Use. We will probably revisit it when we are looking at scale. WARNING: this one is addictive, humbling and inspiring.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.58.47 PM
Click to use the Scale of the Universe Interactive