Maths this week


We have been continuing our investigation into part-part-whole (PPW) where we learn that numbers can be made in many different ways. We have been looking at the ‘frogs in the pond’ problem where there are a certain number of frogs in the pond and we work out how many are on the lily pad and how many are behind the rock (e.g. there are 9 frogs in the pond, 2 are on the lily pad how many are behind the rock?). This investigation allows students to conceptualise number as being made up of different parts, helping them with both addition and subtraction. It also aids students in beginning to look at strategies such as counting-on. Here are some photos of the students working out different ways to make eight using materials (if you cannot see the images on the email, please go to directly to the website).


The students have also been practicing their subitising skills (recognising the amount according to pattern rather than through counting). Their knowledge of PPW have been helping them with this as they look to see whether they can break up the dots into smaller components (I can see two sets of threes, so it must be six). We have also introduced a memory game where they match the amount of dots with the number to develop this skill and also help with their number recognition skills. Here are some images of children playing the subitising game this week.