In numeracy this week, the students were asked to use a timetable to help organise a life event. They were given the choice of attending one of the following events happening in Melbourne this Saturday:

Pop-up Illustration Station at the Kids Big Book Spectacular at The State Library on Sat 13th Feb, 11:30am


  • We Are Infinite: An Exploration of Young Adult Fiction┬ázine launch at the The Festival of the Photocopier at Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday 13th Feb, 12:00pm

Once they had chosen which event they wanted to attend, they then needed to use a timetable for the Number 8 tram, travelling along Lygon St from Moreland to Toorak, to work out the time they needed to be getting on the tram (at either Lygon/Park or Lygon/Pigdon) and what time they were getting off (at either Melbourne Central Station for the Library or City Square for Melbourne Town Hall), so that they would arrive at their events on time.

As an extension, they then needed to work out how to reverse the timetable, so that they could be back at their original stop by 5pm.