Week 8 Learning Reflection

Dear parents and carers,

This week we have been doing a lot of things based on our inquiry ‘The Self’ as in portraits. People have been painting lots of portraits of themselves or their friends in the Art Studio. These people are part of our community (Gigi). 

We have been writing letters saying thank you to our parents and carers for helping us during Remote Learning. They are also part of our community (Remy). 

We started a response to Malamander. This is our shared book that we read every day at eating time (Ihsahn).We have been drawing and writing about our theories of the story (Ihsahn), letters to the author Thomas Taylor (Camilla), drawing pictures of some of the characters and what we think they look like (Jack B).

We have been measuring different things in the neighbourhood and comparing their sizes (Evie H). I measured a whole lot of things and couldn’t find anything else that was about the size of the ruler. I added the measurements of everything I measured and I’m still working on it (Tucker). 

We have been doing a writing seed about the Cat and the Fiddle and changing up the story (Francie). 

We have been looking at the places that we have been and drawing what they look like (Ivy). It is National Reconciliation Week so we have been doing these drawings as a response to the book Welcome to Country (Iggy). Jack B thoughtfully made a connection to Reconciliation Week and recommended that we watch a video of a big snake called the Rainbow Serpent. It is like a big snake that makes mountains wherever it goes. It turned people into animals and trees (Zoe). We watched it because it was about Aboriginal people (Zoe).  

Some people have been working on multiplication and division (Undram). Some of us have been using groups of counters and skip counting (Tayma). We also use the hundreds, tens and ones columns to help us (Edie). When I started working on my division I didn’t really understand it but after a while I found out that it is technically reverse multiplication (Koen). 

Aurelien and I have been reading Dungeons and Dragons books and we have written down what types of characters we are going to be in the game (Thomas). We could be an elf or a tabaxi. That’s a half-cat, half-human (Aurelien). 

We watched two videos. One was about the rocket launch that got delayed but then it happened again. The other was about goals. My goal was to do a walkover. We also watched a video on Thursday about how rocket fuel (liquid oxygen) is made (Nina). I learnt that liquid oxygen is paramagnetic and flammable (Seb J). When the oxygen turned from a gas to a liquid it was called condensation. This happens when condensation drops onto my head in the top bunk of our caravan (Louis). 

We have been doing lots of collaborative writing (Remy). I am writing a series of stories with Koen and Eve. I am writing the first book and Koen and Eve are writing the ‘behind the scenes’ books. 

The Year 2 neighbourhood