Week 8 Learning & FYI


We have enjoyed lots of learning possibilities in Literacy this week with a range of Literacy based provocations and writing opportunities whilst we target handwriting practice and reading strategies. This has also provided some time to complete formal reading assessments as well.

We have been working on our stories, developing character and setting descriptions whilst practicing neat writing, letter formation and spelling patterns.

In reading we have been consolidating the strategies that help us to be good readers.


In numeracy we are continuing the calendar, it is up on the wall now but have noticed mistakes and errors that need to be fixed. As we do this we are also continuing our problem solving through the use of coding.


As we explore how different feelings are influenced by a range of elements in our world, our discussions and interests have organically returned to ‘change’ as a concept. So whilst we explore how we can change how we and others feel we are also looking at what else can change over time, what is change and why different things in our world change.


Finally, so you are all aware; Nic will be travelling with his family to Europe this Friday to attend a wedding and a long overdue reunion in the UK. He will be gone for weeks 9 and 10 and will be back for the beginning of term 4.

Whilst he is away Bethany will be working with the year 1 team. Bethany is excited to join us and we are looking forward to having a fun two weeks with her.

The year 1 team are currently working out how to skype each other while Nic is away. This experience will align nicely with one of the new provocations regarding how time changes, and how it can be different times in the same moment across the world.

We hope Nic and his family have a fantastic trip!