Book Talk support

Howdy parents!

For the last few weeks there have been a small but very dedicated group of parents coming in each week to read with the children.

Book Talk is not only a lovely moment for the children to enjoy reading with a range of different community members but is also a fantastic way to develop a love of literature through enjoying reading together, discussing different books and texts and drawing attention to the smaller details that authors and illustrators use to draw readers in, keep them engaged and develop curiosities.

What would be really fantastic is if there were a few more parents available to come in and read with the children, especially Dad’s!

This would provide a wider range of community members to read with and also mean the children can read in smaller groups!

No need to confirm your availability – just rock up on Friday mornings, sign in at the office and come to the neighbourhood and await selection!

The more the merrier!

Hope to see you there!