Inquiry Group: Past, Present, Future Schools (Week 4)

This week, our inquiry group has had the opportunity to look at a detailed map of Mars through a useful site of Britannica ( as well as listening to a TED talk in regards to looking at the geographical map of Mars itself. The students were asked to choose a suitable and safe area from this map in which their school would be a perfect fit. Notes taking into consideration was the well-known sandstorms, volcanic mountaintops, temperature conditions and the possibilities of earthquakes.

Where would you place your school on the Mars map? Why?

Kalyca – I think we should put our school somewhere high away from the active volcano. Maybe near the canyons away from the volcano action.

Elsie – It would be a better idea to put the school away from the volcano than closer – safer for everyone. Higher would be a much better idea away from the sandstorms.

Carlos – Canyon because you jump off every day. I would like the view of the canyon it would look very nice. Also it’s higher up.

Almas – It looks like a good place to put a school. It is far away from the volcanoes.

Aleksandar – It would be fun watching the volcanoes becoming steamy, which would make the students sweaty. The students can also climb up to have a spectacular view of the school and other surrounding areas.

Kane – It’s not too close to the volcanoes and it looks safe for everyone, I like it there.

Dylan – It’s got a little island which is safety. It’s got a Viking on there which makes it high but it also goes under the water and ice rocks.

Florian – On the top part of the map because there is more the draw on the map. It looks interesting and I wanted to place the school on top of a mountain, making it look different and unique.

Lola – I placed my school on the other side of the volcano just to make sure they don’t erupt. It still could be active and unpredictable.

Jonah – It’s underground for safety. We made it so we could make the school protected like a force field. We would use such strong materials because we would be living in the future.

Isla & Sajha – Away from the volcano because it might break from earthquakes.