Student Reports & Camp Forms

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you are aware, reports were due to be released today. Unfortunately there are some technical difficulties with the Compass School Manager, which is affecting the readability of these reports. Compass is working to rectify the situation but it does mean that there will be a delay in receiving your child’s report. As soon as Compass advises us that the issue has been resolved we will notify you.

Secondly, the students have been handed their School Camp forms this afternoon. Each home group teacher have spent some time explaining the importance of these forms being completed properly.
The first form (purple) is the permission note; it includes the dates of the camp, where the camp will be and of course an area for you to give permission for your child to go.
The second form (white) is a medical form. This form needs to be completed for everyone – even those who do not have any allergies. Please take your time filling out these reports and informing your home group teacher of your child’s medical conditions.
If possible, we hope to have these forms back during the student led conference period. We understand it is a very busy time and if you are unable to return by then, they are due NO LATER than Monday 24th July in Term 3.
Last of all, just a small reminder the student led conferences are THIS Thursday. Students are not required to be at school during this time. 3/4J students are also not required because of their completion with Jared last week.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to come in and ask us!
3/4 Team!