Take home reading books!

Hello lovely families!

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and Wednesday morning is now Year 1’s library time.

We will be setting the students up with their Year 1 book bags, a book for responding in and they will be bringing home their initial reading books for the term.

At this stage the books will not have their covers on them due to technical difficulties, but once they are printed the children will have the opportunity to decorate their response books.

The instructions that will be pasted into the front of the book are below.

Please ensure your child returns any borrowed books from home. 


Nic, Mark & Lisa

When we read we can be inspired in different ways.

It is nice to enjoy reading with my family and responding to what we read.

To help share a book with me my family can read –

  • To me
  • With me, together, page by page
  • Taking turns
  • Leaving out “key words” for your me to read
  • Or I could read to you.

Once we have read (using consecutive pages from the front of the book) I will record the title of the book we read (Date, title & Author), you could help me with this if I need it but I need to eventually record on my own.

Then I can draw or write about my thoughts and comments about my reading experience.