Action Required

Hampers for the Bazaar will be made up very soon! Thank you very much to families who have already made donations.

If you are yet to contribute something, please bring in an item as soon as possible according to the theme of your child’s home group.

Many thanks!

5/6 J (Jeffrey) Tea party Tea, tea cups, high tea inspired, cake tins, patty pans, tea pots, herbal teas, wine, biscuits
5/6 K (Kate) Hamp it up Gourmet foods, alcohol tableware and cookware – oils, spices, wines, pasta, condiments, preserves, pasta sauces, chocolate and sweets, serving dishes, cookbooks, tableware, cooking utensils.
5/6 P (Paula) Oriental express Asian food, sauces, spices, noodles, rice, nori, cooking equipment, Asian teas and beer

5/6 S (Sarah)

The cook and the chef  

Cook books, aprons, gadgets, spices, utensils, condiments, tea towels, cake tins, containers, small kitchen products/accessories of any kind


5/6 Warrick


Girls’ Night In


Includes wine, chocolate, herbal teas, bath accessories, wine glasses, novels, books, body lotions & scrubs etc etc.