Week 7 Future Learning


This week during project and provocations we will continue exploring how certain things have changed over time and what has caused those changes to take place. This concept has deep connections to technology as a major area for advancement over time due to cause and effect. We are also looking at past and present artefacts, comparing and hypothesising. And looking at changes in our own lives over time.


In Literacy this week we will be posing the question “I am a writer because … ” and considering the ways that we are, in fact, writers! At home you might like to keep track of how often we write and for what purpose.


This week in Numeracy we are looking at counting and ordering Australian currency. We will be looking at the notes and coins, making our own, spending our money on things in the neighbourhood and tracking how much we are spending and calculating how much we have left, how much more we need and using supermarkets to explore the price of different things.