Future Learning: Term 3 Week 2


This week throughout provocations time the students will continue to explore cause and effect concepts through a range of ¬†forms of expression. Visual storytelling and sequencing providing creative use of visual art mediums in the STEAM Lab, tinkering with technology using ‘Tinkerbox’, Coding Bitsbox applications, exploring Rube Goldberg machines, creating dramatic plays and creating choose your own adventure narratives.

The approaching Boxwars initiative will also be a large focus throughout projects and provocations time over the coming weeks.


We are beginning a new investigation into cars and wheels. This project will address the Victorian Curriculum’s Mathematics components of data collection and representation by observing the local streets and tallying the different vehicles that pass by and shifting toward multiplicative thinking concepts (multiplication).


Similar to cause and effect models – we will be sequencing different stories and breaking down the narrative genre structure. We have started reading ‘Choose your adventure’ stories as a way to demonstrate how different choices yield different outcomes (cause and effect).