“Who Am I?” …

As we continue our exploration into the question “Who Am I?”, children responded in provocations in a range of ways.

We noticed that a lot of children responded by drawing and writing about their families. So we came together as a neighbourhood and asked the children “What is a Family?”

Someone who lives together with a family. Rhys

Lots of people. Spencer

 A family is lots of people loving together. FiFi

 Someone who gives you a home and loves for you. Zadie

 A family is someone who listens to you a lot and gives you lots of food. Coco

 Someone who lives with you and keeps you company. If you live alone you will feel lonely. Vader

Who is in your family?

My cousin Nina and William. Dot

My mum and my dad and my brother and my cousins. I also have a cat. Isabelle

I have my mum and my dad and 3 sisters and a brother and my grandma, grandpa and aunty and uncle. Rama

My brother and my mum and dad. Hazel

I’ve got my dog and my mum and my dad and 2 sisters and my cousins. Raph

I’ve got my two mums, my dad and my grandpa and grandma. Goldie

Our next step in our inquiry is to look at our extended families and our connections to them.

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