Time Machine Works and other links to learning

As we continue to work on the time machine, the next step is to build the scratch panel using 2D shapes. The children could choose a range of 2D shapes to represent the control panel and buttons, allowing us to travel through time. During this process, we explored the properties of 2D shapes, such as how they are flat and the number of sides and faces they have. 

Reuben and Spencer sat together, engrossed in constructing a word list related to our current time words using magnetic letters. They were having a great time discussing and deliberating on the number of letters they needed from each board to spell the words correctly.

As they worked, they spelled out a variety of words that were associated with time, including words such as “tomorrow”, “today”, “year”, “yesterday”, “future”, “century”, “weekend”, “week”, “months”, “birthday”, “watch”, “hour”, “phone”, “digital”, “month”, “decade”, “computer”, “clock”, “tablet”, “watch”, “hour”, “months”, “minute”, “phone”, “o’clock”, “half past” and “quarter”.

It was evident that Reuben and Spencer thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they worked together in a fun and educational activity that would enhance their vocabulary and spelling skills.

Lately, the children have been deeply engaged in the process of creating intricate blueprints for the inventions of the future. These blueprints aim to devise advanced technologies that can significantly improve the quality of our lives by making day-to-day tasks more manageable and effortless. Their enthusiasm for innovation is truly inspiring, and it’s exciting to see the creativity and ingenuity that they bring to the table.

As they sat inside the time machine, the students eagerly shared stories of their adventures in the past and present. Some spoke of walking among the dinosaurs, while others recounted their visits to ancient civilizations. The excitement in the air was palpable as they exchanged details and observations, grateful for the opportunity to explore different eras and cultures. 

The group of enthusiastic students are working diligently on building the interior control center of their time machine using large, colorful Lego blocks and intricate 3D light shapes. With great collaboration and teamwork, they have designed and created a comfortable seat and added 2D panels to the walls for added functionality. The atmosphere is filled with excitement and anticipation as they work towards completing their innovative creation.

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