The prep neighbourhood has continued it’s time travelling journey through a range of different workshops, target groups, and experiences. We created a timeline of their lives up until this point, adding significant moments that they suggested. We started when they were born, with many children adding siblings being born onto their timeline. Others included moving house, starting childcare or kinder, and the present being in prep, at school.

We have made significant progress in our Time Machine inquiry so far this term by creating a comprehensive list of time-related words, which include the days of the week. Our workshops helped us gain a deeper understanding of the different components of a clock, such as the hands, clock face, minutes, hours, and seconds. We even constructed our own clock to enhance our learning and make it more effective.

Zoltan: “I know when the big hand is on the 12 it’s something o’clock”

Hazel:“The little hand tells us what the hour is in the time”

Our neighbourhood has been working on a fun and exciting project this term, where we are writing time travel journals to explore different places in the past or future that we would like to visit. The children have been fully engaged in this activity, researching various countries and artefacts from different eras. They have been practising writing complete sentences with proper capitalisation and punctuation, which has been a great learning experience. In addition, they have been working in pairs to research the places they are interested in by using non-fiction books. Overall, this project has been a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn about different cultures and historical events interactively and engagingly.

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