Week 9 Learning Reflection

Welcome everyone to Week 9 of the indescribably engaging and informative Year Three learning reflection for Week 9. Read on to find out about what your children have been up to and the good things that have been happening in the Year 3 Neighbourhood. 

One of the important things that has been happening this week is our ongoing Seesaw documentation. We have been uploading assessment pieces all week so that you can see our growth from the term. We have been excited to learn the new skills of being able to successfully upload to Seesaw and including a clear audio comment that explains what we did, why we did it and how it helped our learning. 

Edie: This week I felt proud of myself because I finished all my Seesaw activities.

Seb: My goal this week was to upload everything to Seesaw and I achieved my goal.

Gabriel: On Seesaw I have uploaded my mathematical comparisons, my “Children are a part of nature” writing response and my research about humans and the environment. 

Thomas: In Week 9 of Year 3 some people have uploaded everything to Seesaw while some people are still working on it. 

Evie M: This helped my descriptions about my writing so people can know how work has helped my learning and what I could have done better. 

Felix: On Seesaw I have uploaded everything. It was hard and I am really proud of myself. 

In addition, this week we have been excited to vote for our class representatives for the student parliament. Now as our representatives, most people voted for Sotir and Ivy Belle! (Miles)

Sotir: This week I was excited to go to my first Student Parliament meeting. Now it has been moved to next Tuesday. I am excited because I haven’t had the chance to meet with children from other neighbourhoods before. 

Zoe: The Year ⅚ student representatives came over last week on Monday and they said that everyone would have an opportunity to become a representative because every term it will change. It wouldn’t just be two girls, it has to be a boy and a girl. 

Arabella: If it would just be two boys or two girls, both genders need an equal chance. 

Xanthe: It’s an example of respecting all genders. 

Thomas: This week, we have also been creating websites. The reason we have been making them is to help other year levels understand something. We are making websites about space, animals, learning (multiplication/division), plants at PHPS and spelling to share with other year levels to support their learning.

Edie: We have a new project which is website-making. I love it because you can learn new things and teach other people new things too. 

Some children have also been continuing to work on projects connected to our inquiry. Wilco, Isaiah, Frankie, Iggy and Owen have been making a documentary about the pigeon community at our school.

Wilco: This week I have been interested in how to tell the difference between male and female pigeons so I can figure out what the genders are of the pigeons I have named. Isaiah looked it up on his computer and we found a website that said male pigeons have round heads, female pigeons have round eyes and that males have less round eyes. We don’t know if it’s lying or not so we will check another website. 

The Year 3 neighbourhood.

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