Our Inquiry Product Rubric

Over the last 2 weeks, the Year 3 students have collaborated on a rubric to help us understand where we are up to with our inquiry products. It helps us figure out what we need to do to improve our product and make it good quality. For us, this means that it includes scientific names, that it’s easy to understand and that the sentences and paragraphs make sense. We are also focusing on correct spelling, using 3 reliable sources when researching, interesting and specific scientific vocabulary, showing connections in nature, life cycles of species and our observations and reflections. 

Zoe reflects “it’s useful for setting goals towards what you’re working on with your end of term product.” Felix adds that “it’s also useful for if you want to add something but you’re not sure how to. The rubric helps you understand how to do it.” Ayshe’s group is creating a short film called ‘4 minute nature’. “If I think I’ve finished it, I might go onto Seesaw and check the rubric to see if I’ve added the right things to the video.” Alex has commented that “the rubric helps you decide what your next step is. It helps us figure out what questions to ask.” In Edie’s Mountain Ash project, she used the rubric to help add connections in nature and a life cycle of the tree. Joanna and Sumaya have also used the rubric to help with writing in paragraphs and including scientific names.

The Year 3 Neighbourhood

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