The Eucalyptus regnans (Part 2)

As a neighbourhood we have continued to learn more about the regal species that is the Eucalyptus regnans, often referred to in Victoria as the Mountain Ash. These towering trees are found in the cool, wet forests east of Melbourne and are important for the survival of many species, including Victoria’s faunal emblem, the Leadbeaters Possum.

As a neighbourhood we thought about the origin and meaning of the Mountain Ash’s scientific name, its unique adaptations and how these help it cope with bushfires, drought and competition from other species.

Max capturing the beauty of a Eucalyptus regnans.

Max: The Mountain Ash has really deep roots that help it get enough water.  It is home to the Leadbeaters Possum.

Binderiya: Regnans is a Latin word meaning, ruling or reigning. The Mountain Ash trees are given this name, Eucalyptus regnans, because of their MASSIVE STRUCTURE.

Evie H

Evie H: Eucalyptus regnans have an extremely tall canopy that can help them survive bushfires. 


1. What does regnans mean?: Regnans means ruling or reigning in Latin.

2. Describe the adaptations of Eucalyptus regnans: The adaptations I think are: The bark is rough and fibrous at the base and for up to about 10m from the ground, but then is a beautiful smooth, mottled cream and grey with long ribbons of dead bark hanging from the canopy. These ribbons burn in bushfires and can carry fire for many kilometres ahead of a fire.


Florence: The Mountain Ash is able to grow very fast in the right conditions, often over-topping other species. Their deep root structure helps supply them with adequate water.

Jack B

Miles: The Mountain Ash was used as a home by some people in the 1800s because these people hadn’t built a home yet.


Have a restful break over the holidays and make the most of any time spent in nature.

The Year 3 neighbourhood.

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