Week 8 Learning Reflection

Welcome parents and families to our amazing blog for Week 8 (Isaiah). We wish you all a happy Harmony Day from the Year Three Neighbourhood (Ivy Belle). 

Our focus for this week has been the Student Parliament applications, documenting our learning on Seesaw, thinking about what Harmony Day means to us and the courageous performances in the Cross Country trials. 

The student parliament is a way for children’s voices to be heard. It is about students checking out the school and sharing ideas they might have to make school a more interesting and fun place (Felix). Lots of people want to be a class representative because it’s a really fun opportunity and something we haven’t been able to do before (Edie). Class representatives will be able to learn about leadership. (Makaila). Having a voice means standing up for your community and not being afraid to share your ideas about what needs to change (Decca). Alex reflects that this week she has been excited to write her application. She really wants to apply because she believes she would be fantastic for the job. Ayshe says, “This week I was really excited to hear that we could do student parliament because it sounds fun. I wrote an application that I’m going to send soon.” Tuesday is excited for an opportunity to actually make a change. Max says he thinks there will be decisions made so that things can improve and change each term. Zoe believes that people who apply should be people that want to make a difference. Xanthe was a class representative at her previous school. She reflected that it was an opportunity to speak up for what the year level wants.

Have a restful weekend.

The Year 3 neighbourhood

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