Can you explain your message?

In the Year 3 neighbourhood the students have been developing a product that reflects their understanding of our inquiry into how natural systems are connected and the role we play. 

These are some of the messages that the products will be communicating:

Thomas, Seb Cm and Jack Barnes: Dingos are important. Farmers shouldn’t kill them. (trying to focus on planning in hardcopy format)

– 3/11/2021

Nina, Gigi, Frances: Lizards are important. Some people treat them like pests or see them as dangerous and scary. We will include their scientific name, the different species, their diet and how their habitat needs to be.

Robert: The purpose of my air cleaner is to clear the air. It is to filter out germs such as COVID and pollution.

Decca, Tayma, Florence: To make sure children know fungi can be reusable- some can be made into packaging which can go straight in the soil. 

Ruby: Is that your message?

Florence: No. They should learn what fungi is, which is food and which is poisonous.

Theo: I’m making cards. They will have a picture and maybe 3 or 4 facts. The picture will be the type of fungi. I have chosen 3 fungi so far. Fungi is important to nature because it can help. It can be used instead of plastic. It can be edible.

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