Week 6 Learning Reflection

Welcome parents and carers to the newest Year 3 blog post. Some of the big themes from this week have been factors (division), responding to the statement ‘children are a part of nature’, observational drawing, making hypotheses (second step in the scientific method), preparing for next week’s Expo, Dadirri (deep listening), our place in the universe and investigating how to survive on the moon. Our inquiry question is ‘How are natural systems connected and what role do we play?’

Read on to find out more about the amazing things we have been learning during this week.


Ayshe: This week me, Alex, Evie and Zoe were doing Dadirri (deep listening). After that we decided to paint some of the birds we heard and we are going to make a book about birds and the eggs they lay. 

Iggy, Arabella, Joanna and Francie: In week 6 we have been working on a project for the Welcome Expo 2021. It is called Dadirri, which means Deep Listening. We have been using Garageband to record the sounds of nature you might hear at our school. Come to the Expo to find out more. 

Observing and making hypotheses.

Felix: Me, River and Makaila have been collecting yellow tree sap behind the art studio. We are getting fresh tree sap by peeling some of the bark off. I have a hypothesis that ants make a home in the tree sap and also eat it. 

The wonders of sap.

River: We could watch the ants to see if they eat the tree sap or take tiny pieces of it. That’s how we would know if the hypothesis is correct.

Makaila: We also discovered that tree sap might not be tree blood. When I lifted the bark it was red and there was no tree sap coming out of it. It might come out later and take a long time to process. I could test this by putting an ant on the red part where bark has come off to see if the ant eats it (after we have discovered if the ants eat tree sap or not).

Documenting how pigeons impact our environment.

Aurelian: In Week 6 we have been doing observational drawing of different things in the schoolyard. Personally, I chose a leaf. When I measured it, it was 10cm. It kind of looked like a eucalyptus leaf. It was green with a little bit of brown and had some jagged edges where it was ripped. 

Research Projects

Robert: This week I have been writing about the sr-71 Blackbird. I have been making a presentation about what I have learnt including when it was made and how fast it can go. 

Owen: Me and Wilco have been researching pigeons. We have been writing down their personalities and jobs (food gathering, spies, leaders). We are making a documentary so we have been recording pigeons at school. 

Connecting with NASA

Wilco: We are researching pigeons because we see lots of them. We think they are really interesting because they helped out during the war carrying messages. Owen read this in a book. I predict that the role pigeons play in nature is to pick up all of the food that people and other animals drop on the ground. They are also a very good food source for other animals such as foxes and Peregrine Falcons. 

Max: I have been finding things around the school to add to my rock project. I have found sap. I have been looking under the microscope at some of my opals and I figured out that there’s way more detail than what it looks like. Especially the small ones actually look better than the bigger ones. 

River: This week I have been researching some colourful wasp wings I found on the ground. The wings have multiple colours. I have also found some yellow sap that looks like honeycomb. 

Observing the wings of Austroscolia soror.

Thomas: This week I have been researching ‘Can people survive in space?’ I am interested about what’s happening in space. I do not think that they can because even if they had water and food there wouldn’t be the right atmosphere or air for humans. 


Gigi: There are lots of things coming up quickly in Year 3 such as the Learning Expo. For the expo we are recording sounds for nature and getting the parents to listen and respond to these. 

Thank you for reading our blog. Stay tuned for more (Isaiah).

  • We hope you have an awesome long weekend. We hope we see you at the Expo on Wednesday next week. 

The Year 3 Neighbourhood.

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