15/8 Learning for Students in Isolation


In maths, students are learning about time. Goals for students are to tell time to the minute on analogue clocks, to investigate the relationship between units of time, to convert between units of time and to use am and pm notation and solve simple time problems.

This video gives a good overview of some of the basic concepts relating to time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU-XUmujbuM 

Students can make or draw a model analogue clock at home and practise making different times of the day. 
Problems of various difficulty levels relating to time can be found at these two links, for students to work through. 




Students can go to the Google Drive Student Share, and under 3/4N1 Students Term 3, they can find our Inquiry Provocations relating to wellbeing. Choose one or more of these provocations to work on at home as we tune in to the topic of wellbeing and find out what it means, and how we can improve it.


This week we are learning about Diamante Poems. Students can watch this video on how to structure a diamante poem. They can have a go at creating their own poems.


Continue reading at home. Students can practise one or more of the literature circle roles with whichever novel they are reading at home.


Choose a CSIRO Double Helix quiz. https://blog.doublehelix.csiro.au/category/quiz/ Take your best guess at all of the answers. Then research using Google to find out why the reasons behind each answer.

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