Wellbeing Inquiry

Students have started to explore the concept of wellbeing as part of our inquiry. We began by asking what students think the word wellbeing means.

Responses included “health”, “mental health”, “how you feel” and “how you treat others”. Students listed some of the ways they know how to look after their wellbeing including meditation, yoga, reading, relaxation, eating healthy food and doing exercise. Below is a framework called ‘The 5 Ways to Wellbeing’ that inspired discussion around students’ conceptualisation of wellbeing. 

In writing, students have been revising, editing and starting to publish their biographies about an Indigenous Australian who they have chosen to learn about. Archie Roach, Cathy Freeman, Eddie Mabo and Cyril Rioli are some of the people who students have selected. 

In maths, students have been looking at fractions and the different terms associated with fractions. We have been working to find equivalent fractions in multiple ways. This week, students have used Cuisenaire rods to find fractions of a whole.

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