Our Place in the World

The following is the dialogical pedagogical discussion we had with the children. Dialogical pedagogical discussions are a way of our neighbourhood gathering our thoughts about our inquiry.

What do we as a group understand about myths?

Myths can help us make sense of the natural world or occurrences. For example, long ago people may not have understood natural occurrences and created myths to explain the natural world. 

Myths can also teach us about morality. For example, Aesop’s fables teach us life lessons. The benefits of learning about myths are that they help us to know about what people believed and thought in the past. They are still useful today because they teach us lessons in the form of a story, and by giving us an example, they help us get a better understanding. 

What is the purpose of the news projects that we have been working on? And why are they important? 

The purpose is to help people learn about our school. It is information about what has happened in the school and what is coming up. The news keeps a record of what has happened and it keeps people updated about what is happening soon. 

Reporting on the news of Princes Hill Primary School helps us to learn about what is happening in other neighbourhoods. If we find out what other neighbourhoods are doing, it will help us to become better connected with our school community. It can help students become inspired by what others are doing in their neighbourhoods.

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