Inquiry – Our Place in the World

In our inquiry, we are exploring our place in the world, and what it means to belong to a community. Is being part of a community important? Why? 

In the past few weeks the students have been writing an essay on ‘What communities do I belong to?’ connecting to our inquiry of community and belonging. 

Students brainstormed their ideas, written a plan and a draft. In writing workshops we have been working towards writing a clear an introduction using our ideas in the plan. Additionally, we are making sure each paragraph has a central idea and a conclusion summarising their ideas.

Students needed to make sure that they reread, revised and edited their essay, for spelling, capital letters, full-stops and added conjunctions. Once they had completed their draft, students were asked to write up a good copy of their essay.

We have been really impressed to see the students writing capabilities and their ability to develop their ideas.

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