Life Drawing: Lines of Action & Tone

The dress-up box has continued to be wildly popular, with the outfits we choose and the poses we strike expressing our creativity, uniqueness, and personality.

As visual artists we are discovering that the lines we draw, just like our classmates in costume, have personalities – some outgoing, dynamic, and a whirlwind of energy, some gentle, calm and considered.

We have been experimenting with how straight, curved, repetitive, continuous, emphasised, stretched, sweeping, smudged and even ‘sloppy’ lines can create powerful and expressive artworks. We have been exploring capturing the essence of a pose, seeing the ‘line of action’ and how it informs movement and gesture in our drawings.  We have also moved from linear to tonal drawing, experimenting with how tone can be applied in a variety of ways and a diversity of marks can make a stunning whole.

We are discovering that the human figure is both known and enigmatic and is a motivating subject matter alongside a difficult one!   If we slow down, look closely and anew, we can find and then capture what and how the subject inspires us.






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