ACTION REQUIRED: Museum excursion notice

The Prep Neighbourhood will be visiting the Melbourne Museum to further explore our inquiry: We make sense of our world through making connections with others and our environment.

Along with supervised general viewing and a visit to the forest gallery, the Preps will participate in the following programs:

Bugs Alive: We will learn about the diversity of bugs’ bodies, behaviour, habitats and life-cycles, with live insects, giant models and thousands of pinned specimens.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs: The Preps will examine the external features of real insects, spiders and other arthropods using a hand lens, to sort and classify them scientifically and learn about classification. During the program, the Preps will become ‘scientists’ when they observe specimens scientifically to make predictions about what is a bug, what is an insect and how is a spider different to an insect.

DATE: Thursday the 17th of March

DEPART: 9.30am

RETURN: 2.30pm

BRING: The Preps will bring their bag containing their packed lunch and water bottle.

Please return the form to your home group teacher ASAP. We would love to have some parent helpers come with us! If your are interested please add your name to the list on the parent notice board.

Many thanks,

The Prep team