Gardening, drama, media arts, and science… delving into electives!

As part of our sense of belonging and community inquiry, students have had the opportunity to opt into their second elective choice for Term 3.  The buzz is palpable and excitement levels are high, as students collaborate and engage across their chosen electives.  


Students in drama are exploring freeze frames, miming, and how to deliver sequences with limited time.  They have taken on the role of a sculptor of a statue, collaborating with a partner to create a range of statues that fit with different themes.  This was done using the skill of miming, and the reflections that the students shared told of their wins, but challenges also.  

As gardeners, the children over the last few weeks have been designing their own vegetable plots. Students have been very creative with the designs, and it seems we have potential landscape architects within our 5/6 community. 
Before we plant out our herb/vegetable plots we have been getting our vegetable plots ready. This has included researching how compost enriches the soil, the need for weed removal, and how mulch helps with moisture retention. This week we began planting seeds (a mixture of flowers, vegetables and herbs) in peat moss to begin our gardening story. Hopefully in the coming weeks we will see our plants flourish and will continue to investigate how to improve our vegetable plots.

Media Arts 

Students are exploring persuasive techniques used in logo design. After analysing well known logos and identifying how they are memorable, students use the same persuasive techniques on site to design their own logo. Their logo must include an explanation to the following questions:

  • What is the story behind your logo?
  • What makes it memorable?
  • Explain the psychology behind your colour choices
  • How is it timeless?


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