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  • Drummond Street Services – Events

    Drummond Street Services offers a range of parenting information sessions, from Stepfamilies Support Groups to Dad’s Groups. There are many available dates throughout the year where these can be accessed. Please click on the link below for further information. Click here to see events being offered by Drummond Street Services.

  • ParentZone – Upcoming Parenting Workshops

    ParentZone (Anglicare) regularly run workshops and seminars on a range of parenting topics. Please see attached information for upcoming workshops on ‘parenting in the teen years’ and ‘learning through play’. parenting in the teen years learning through play

  • Managing screen time and digital technology use : strategies for children 3-11 years

    Please refer to attached website link from the Raising Children Network for some helpful information and resources regarding screen time and digital technology use Please click here

  • A healthy lunch box: why it’s important

    A healthy lunch box full of fresh food gives your child energy to play, concentrate and learn all day. What you put in your child’s lunch box depends on your child’s age. And how much you put in your child’s lunch box depends on your child’s appetite and the length of your child’s day. For…

  • Understanding children’s resilience

    Improving children’s resilience helps them to deal with the adversities they experience during childhood. It provides a foundation for developing skills and habits (e.g. coping skills, healthy thinking habits) that enable them to deal with later adversities during adolescence and adulthood. Resilience is also important for children’s mental health. Children with greater levels of resilience…

  • Transition to secondary school

    Starting secondary school is a huge transition in a young person’s life. Attached is some information to support you and your child at this time. Click HERE for full article

  • ParentZone Pods

    The ParentZone Pods identify common issues parents face and explores these in detail. Hosts Anita Weber and Laurie Arrowsmith (Season 1) and Michelle Brown (Season 2) are Qualified Parent Group Facilitators at ParentZone. Every week, they work with parents and carers, supporting them with a variety of parenting issues and concerns. Click HERE

  • Signs of mental health concerns in children

    Children often have ups and downs that affect the way they feel and behave. But sometimes children don’t ‘bounce back’ from the downs, and this starts to affect other parts of their lives. This can be a sign that children are having mental health problems. Below are signs of mental health problems. If you notice…

  • Free online – Parental burnout

    This presentation will help if you are finding the stress of parentingdifficult to manage.When daily stress becomes chronic it can turn into parental burnout.This is an intense exhaustion that leads parents to feeling detachedfrom their children and unsure of their parenting abilities, distinctfrom other forms of burnout. Thursday 19th October at 7pm Click HERE to…

  • Free webinar – Managing anxiety in your family

    Managing anxiety in your familyAnxiety is more than just being worried – it’s a mental health issue that can affect your wellbeing and quality of life. Both adults and children can suffer from anxiety, and other people’s anxiety can also affect us. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to manage anxiety in your family. For…