From Stars to Black Holes

Hello to everyone. We have had a fabulous couple of weeks ’fine tuning’ ideas for the Neighbourhood bell soundscapes, and learning songs for the Father’s and Special Carer’s Day Assembly and the Ringing in the Galaxy concert. The Instrumental Music Assembly saw students break through their initial nerves and then beam with a sense of achievement after their performances.

Yr 5/6s juxtapose different bell playing techniques.

Bravo to everyone involved in the IM Assembly. We add a special thank you to our IM teachers who came along to support their students as they performed. As we have recently welcomed Marcos to our school, it was excellent to see how easily his students have settled in with his teaching style. Marcos mentioned that he was very impressed with the way the students supported him through his first IM assembly, and we are delighted that he has agreed to continue on as a member of our IM team. Welcome Marcos. It was great to see a number of our Year 2 students performing for the first time. Sasha’s violin students impressed as they bowed confidently along to a lively backing track. As ever, thank you to all our performers, the assembly set up crew and our whole school community for supporting IM.

Thanks to NASA releasing the sound of the Black Hole from the Perseus Galaxy Cluster, 3/4Ngh 1 were able to declare ‘we sound just like the NASA recording’. We are lucky to have borrowed a tam-tam or two for our Bells Concert. The low rumble they create, and additional deep whale like groans from both the tam-tams and drums, really excited the students who then added sizzling cymbals to represent the hot gas which surrounds the black hole. Other students worked out a pattern for slowing down beats on the bells to illustrate the slowing of time as one approaches a Black Hole.

The Yr 5/6s have continued to refine their sound worlds for the Lambda Star Constellation and the Butterfly Cluster, whilst the Yr 1s had a great time deciding which sounds were the most evocative to accompany the items in their Galaxy Parade. We have been really spoilt to have had so much access to the gym during these past weeks. Hearing the ringing, tinging, groaning, and softest sounds of dust bloom out in the acoustic of the gym has really opened our ears to a luscious surround-sound experience. Everyone has been particularly revved and thrilled by the sheer joy of running past a row of bells on the edge of the stage. With our wings outstretched and tipped with a chopstick we flick all the bells as we pass: a kaleidoscope of sound swirling in contours of pitch. This will grow into the Bell Run in our concert involving all the bells and all the students!

Next week we look forward to rehearsing our sound presentations for the Bell Concert ’Ringing in the Galaxy’ on Wednesday. Thank you to the parent helpers who have offered to help set up and bump out the concert. We look forward to performing for every one who can come along to experience what the students have created. Our wonderful set-up crew will be filming the concert for live streaming so that families can ’tune in’ and enjoy this event together with their star performers at a later time.

As ever, thank you to everyone for your vibrant energy and imaginations, and for being such a joy to make sound with. Peter, Elissa and I are just loving this project with you all. Enjoy the next couple of weeks as we rocket towards the spring break. Cheerio Deb

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