Week 9 Learning…

5/6 students who are impacted by COVID, can engage with the following learning opportunities while at home:

Reading – write a summary, response to what was read, a book review

Numeracy – daily practice of maths goals linked to fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Writing – as well as writing provocations, students can write their own choice of writing

BTN – watch, record SHARP notes using the four headings, and write a summary of one story


Community of Writers – generating, drafting and developing ideas for the editorial group for the 5/6 Neighbourhood newspaper.

Community Economics – using your planning and research from the last few weeks, you now need to start planning for opening day. Using a profit calculator, can you work out how much profit you would make if 100 people visited in one day? Please use the Sildes in the student drive to assist you.  

Community Artefacts – using research, create a presentation that provides information on an artefact that you believe has had an important impact on a community through history

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