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  • Term 3: A Term In Review

    In year 2 we have had an incredibly busy term bookended by two exciting excursions! The students have thrived being given the opportunity for some hands-on authentic learning that they were then able to bring back to our community and most importantly a fun time was had by all! In between our trip to CERES […]

  • Indigenous Garden Update

    Research for our Indigenous Garden is transforming into designing, inventing, mapping, measuring, proposing, planning, preparing, testing, tinkering, visualising and further research. Work and progress is taking a much more physical form and this has generated a fresh buzz of excitement and anticipation. Within the documentation below, we have also noted that different groups’ work and […]

  • Science Week

    This week, National Science Week provoked the Year 2 Neighbourhood to consider the prevalence of science in our lives, learning, thinking and futures. Year 2 children also conducted some experiments, which introduced them to scientific language and processes. When we think about the issues of the future we think about science because no one knows […]

  • The Future of Education

    Children continue to explore the inquiry research questions – ‘What do we think about the important issues of the future?’ and ‘What can we do about the important issues of the future?’ In response to these questions, their proposals for future change increasingly involve changes to schools. Children are beginning to identify the societal, transformative […]

  • Term 3 – CERES Excursion

    In the year 2 neighbourhood we have started our second semester of 2022 with a bang! On our first Wednesday back we hopped on the tram and headed off to CERES environment park for an excursion that was aligned with our students’ focus and driven by their continual interest about indigenous perspectives on all topic. […]

  • Collective Project: Indigenous Water Garden

    Children and teachers of the Year 2 neighbourhood are excited to begin planning and preparation for a collective project. During semester 2, an Indigenous Water Garden with accompanying revised and collective Acknowledgements of Country will be established along the southern wall of the neighbourhood.  “The garden could help to reawaken Indigenous culture.” (Flynn) “The garden […]

  • Expanding Our Future Inquiry

    The future continues to provide an invigorating context for inquiry that provokes children’s ethical capabilities through problem-solving and imagination. We have established a rich question for our research project- What can we do about the important issues of the future? This question will continue to guide our inquiry as children expand their thinking, and later […]

  • Getting Busy to Slow Down

    Week 4 – Term 2 As the days get shorter, the Year 2 neighbourhood only gets busier. Since our last update we’ve continued to explore our new provocations, integrating new artistic lenses through which to investigate the world around us. Our interlinked investigations have explored both the dilemma we will encounter in the not too […]

  • Future Inquiry

    “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions” (Albert Einstein) Across the first 2 weeks of term 2, Year 2 children’s fascination with the future has equalled their capacity to contemplate potential issues and how they may shape the years and decades to come. The documentation stemming from our inquiry into the […]

  • Week 10- Learning Focus

    During week 10, children will be revisiting provocations and experiences to reflect on their growth and ask, ‘how have my perspectives changed?’ The Inquiry Assembly at the week’s end will also provide opportunities to reflect on and present our collective learning. Several groups of children Alternative Futures Across all spaces and in any form of […]