Neighbourhood Information

The following information is helpful in preparing your child for the day ahead and discussing the events of each day to reflect. If you have any questions, please email our prep team-


0A (Kat)- Italian with Anne Maree

0B (Nellie)- PE with Jared and Art with Hannah

0C (Simon)- Italian with Anne Maree and H.P.E with Jared


0A (Kat)- PE with Jared

0B (Nellie)- Italian with Anne Maree

0C (Simon)- Art with Hannah


Music with Deb during provocations.

ThursdayPlease return the library book and folder with the Reading Response book

Library with Mark- please send students to school with their library packs with their library books and Reading Response book inside.

Singing with Deb



0A (Kat)- Art with Hannah

Assembly (special events)- we do not hold assemblies every Friday. See Compass/ school calendar for assembly dates.