The Impact of the environment on systems of learning

Over the last 6 weeks we have settled back into our new digital environment and system for learning. During this time we have focused on transferring our prep neighbourhood philosophy and values into this space. After listening carefully and documenting the children’s thoughts and learning we have come to realise the strength of their need to connect socially. This has reiterated to us just how important relationships are to a community of learners. The children lead us to understand the importance of this need when they began to communicate via a puddle in the local neighbourhood.

This inspired us, as educators, to open up the Seesaw blog as a means for children to connect and maintain their relationships with one another. An unexpected occurrence from this was the emergence of a system of peer to peer learning.


While we were noticing some lovely connections in a digital environment we also began to see and hear from families that children were becoming fatigued with the digital system. This presented an opportunity for us to listen to our children. The Learning in Different Environments excursion day was presented. 

A key reflection for us as educators was the immense joy we noticed in the responses back from children and how this sense of joy can be transformative to a learner. We were also reminded of the importance of our relationships to and within an environment, and how these interactions can afford rich learning opportunities. This special day not only served the purpose of addressing our children’s wellbeing needs but has provided us with many paths to follow in connection to our inquiry into systems.