Inquiry Week 3

‘There are many things that connect us to others and ourselves.’

In week 3 the children investigated other people in their family and asked them the question, ‘What was the most meaningful part of the day for you and why?’ 

Some of the children’s responses are included below:-

Claudia I – “My dad says his most meaningful part of the day is when we all come to the dinner table and talk together, not rush”

Alina: “reading Harry Potter and seeing the happy smiles on Otto and Alina’s faces.”

Lucinda: I asked my mum what her most meaningful part of her day was and she said the best part of her day was walking with me because it’s part of mediation and reflection on the day.” 

Lola W: my brother loves “to play the piano”

Mia’s Mum reflected on travelling to Australia as a young woman, “this was the start of a six month long journey..”

Through the children’s responses we have learnt many people enjoy the simple things of life.