Preps as Researchers

During a post provocation reflection time discussion Ben made the comment ‘I just remembered this is one of my strengths’ in relation to his efforts in constructing a mobile. This comment lead us to collectively wonder about our strengths and to the start of a mini research project. Together we have been thinking about our personal strengths and wondering about the potential links between strengths, focus and enjoyment. The children have begun to make connection to the pathways in their brains. We are now exploring these ideas further.

Strengths are working together with your brain to focus on what you are doing. – Anna

Zack: So writing is good for you so you learn how to do more writing. My strength is writing.

Hattie: You have to keep practicing to get your pathways better in your brain.

Alina: When you’ve done something and you’ve learnt something about it you can get better and better at it.

Ben: My strength is probably making books and making mobiles. I tried it and kind of liked it. I failed and then tried it again and then I did it.

Chloe: You can have lots of different types of strengths.


Today I was trying to find out about what peoples strengths are. Most of them were drawing but I did find some other things. I tried to make my documenting look a bit like a brain because I know that focus comes out of your brain. Some people are better than others at some things. – Huon

What are your strengths?