Getting Closer to Publishing our Narratives

Dear lovely parents and carers,


This has been another successful week.  We have almost finished laying out our collection of narratives.  The program we are using to do our layout is called Adobe InDesign. It allows us to view the text and the pictures as they will appear in the book. Seeing the layout made us feel awesome because we are one step closer to publishing our book. We felt proud that our narratives are nearly finished because soon we will be able to show our work to our family and friends (even ones that are far away!). 

This week we also started brainstorming the introduction for our book, separating our ideas into ‘Who?’, ‘What?’, ‘Where?’, ‘When?’, ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ so that we can come back to our thinking next week and as a whole neighbourhood write our introduction. Here are some examples of students contributions:

(Why?) To entertain people and get better at writing – Sunny W

(What?) We wrote setting planners, character planners, and plot planners – Felix 

(Where?) Princes Hill Primary School, Year 2 Neighbourhood – Bessie

(How?) We used our imaginations – Lyla 

(When?) In July we did character and setting planners. In August and September we wrote and started typing our stories. In October we were laying it out. In November we will be printing the book! – Wren

(Who?) The Year Twos and our teachers, Nadja, Tobias, Tai Snaith, and Sia 

We have had to make a few important decisions this week. These were for the Front Cover Design, Title of our Book, and narrative blurbs to be published in the JSC Newsletter ‘Talkin’ Bout It’. Over the week, students made shortlists of their favourite title suggestions, and will be voting this afternoon. 

Yesterday, students nominated the blurb that they thought best met the criteria to be featured in the JSC Newsletter – lots of descriptive language (Kaan, Maggie), one that was energetic and made me feel like I wanted to read it (Banjo), I wanted to know more and keep on reading (Karl), used persuasive language (Robert), some explained a lot about their characters (Hugo). Look out for narrative blurbs by up and coming debut authors Olivia, Franzi, and Kat for their short stories ‘The Adventurers ‘Monsters Rise’’, ‘The Adventures of Ella and Tricks’ and ‘The Enchanted Tree’. 

Students have spent the week working on Front Cover Designs, and the neighbourhood will be selecting our favourite next week so that we can layout our cover in InDesign as well.