Phys. Ed. in term 3

Prep – This term, the Preps are taking part in a skipping unit. They will be learning the basics of skipping, along with some games to play in groups. Those who can skip already will be challenging themselves to learn some new tricks.

Year 1 – The year ones have begun a gymnastics unit. They are learning how to how to transfer weight from one part of the body to another, learning balances and strengthen their understanding of how to maintain stable positions.

Year 2 РThe year twos are learning the forehand strike. They will take part in a range of activities to strengthen hand eye coordination and apply the strike to a number of sports and games. 

Skill components:

  1. Eyes are focused on the ball throughout the strike
  2. Stand side on to target with bat held in one hand
  3. Striking hand straightened behind shoulder at end of backswing
  4. Step towards target with foot opposite to strike arm during the strike
  5. Sequential hip to shoulder rotation during the strike
  6. Ball contact made opposite front foot with straight arm
  7. Follow through towards target then around the body

Years 3 Р6 Preparing for the athletics carnival, Phys Ed sessions have focused on learning and fine tuning skills necessary for different events. Here are some resources outlining technique for events we have been learning/practicing in Phys Ed. sessions.

House meetings will be held next Tuesday where students will sign up for events for the carnival.

High Jump (optional event)

Hurdles (optional event)

100m Sprint



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