Cross Country

The annul PHPS cross country was last Thursday. We had near perfect conditions for running!

Well done to all students who gave their best at the event – especially the year 3’s who took part in it for the first time. Running is not for everyone, but it was just wonderful to see students run to their level – some students absolutely punished their runs with the goal of progressing through to the district event clear in their minds. Other students relished the chance to be outside in the fresh air, enjoying a bit of a run then a bit of a walk. I even spotted some students running with parents and teachers.

The kids have been reminded that during our training sessions throughout term that long distance running can be a challenging experience. Throughout the run, it is vital that you listen to your body and find YOUR pace, something that you are comfortable with and isn’t influenced by others around them. Success can be felt by all when do your best (whatever your best looks like).

Sincere thanks to the teachers (3/4s, 5/6s, Mark, Caroline, Richard) and helpers who made this event possible – Claudia (Mila), Rodrigo and Romina (Javiera), Rachel (Aliye), Malcolm (Marta), Mark (Poppy T), Jacki (Allegra), Reggie (Olivia) and Colin (who many of you know from our school crossing).

Congratulations to the following students who placed in the top 10 for their age group.

Under 10 Girls

  1. Javiera S.M.
  2. Anisa H
  3. Sophie M
  4. Frankie C
  5. Aliye H-T
  6. Eva C.S.
  7. Aurelie K
  8. Poppy T
  9. Marta T-A
  10. Lee P

Under 10 Boys

  1. Rafferty W
  2. Luca D
  3. Jimmy C
  4. Leith R
  5. Magnus W-S
  6. Jeremy K
  7. Thomas B
  8. Oscar H
  9. Abdi A
  10. Finn D

Under 11 Boys

  1. Joel D
  2. Christian L
  3. Griffin H
  4. Esan H
  5. Finlay N
  6. Finn M
  7. Daniel Y
  8. Aleksandar K
  9. Isaac S
  10. Vincent B

Under 11 Girls

  1. Ann P
  2. Harriet B
  3. Deyar B
  4. Mia P
  5. Grace B
  6. Opal H
  7. Mila L
  8. Poppy K
  9. Gracie H
  10. Indigo D

Under 12 Boys

  1. Robbie S
  2. Alexander D
  3. Luis G
  4. Edouard S
  5. Daniel C
  6. Imani O
  7. Noah V
  8. Yannick Y
  9. Om S
  10. Joshua C

Under 12 Girls

  1. Zara M
  2. Bianca T
  3. Harriett B
  4. Elly S
  5. Raveena M
  6. Zoe H
  7. Sophie B
  8. Isobel W
  9. Almas S-I
  10. Grace B

District Cross Country is next term on Thursday May 2nd at Princes Park. Some students have been away at Somers Camp and were not able to compete at last week’s event. There is an opportunity for those who missed the run to take part in their time trial and after that I will be able to confirm the District Cross Country team.

Under 12 boys at the start line, about to begin their final PHPS cross country!

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