Week 7 Reflection

Week 7 Learning Reflection Blog Post

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week we have focused on setting learning goals.  Some of the things we have thought about in the Year 2 neighbourhood include the purpose of writing, what we notice in the words around us, how we can develop our independent spelling and our ongoing investigation into capacity.

After thinking of examples of purposeful writing we created display cards with drawings and writing that explain the purpose of different types of writing.

Franzi thought about warning signs.  “The purpose of the warning sign was to tell people not to play with things or touch them”.

Sunny W thought about a pet shop.  “The purpose of writing in a pet shop is tell the person who is buying the animal what it is.”

Izzy thought about a stop sign.  “The purpose of a stop sign is to tell people to stop if there is road works or someone could crash.”

Ike thought about writing on clothes.  “The purpose of writing on jumpers is to tell you what brand it is.”


Imogen thought about the writing on toilet doors. “The purpose of the writing on toilet doors is for people to know which toilet to go in.”

Independent spelling

This week I was practising words that the teachers had corrected in my book.  I was doing this to get better at spelling and writing” Kat


This week I thought about capacity.  I used a measuring cylinder to measure the capacity of a milk bottle.  I looked at the millimeters on the side of the measuring cylinder. There are 1 thousand and 7 hundred and 14 m of water  in the milk bottle.” Robert

“I used the tiny measuring cylinders to measure the capacity of the orange juice bottle.  It took 57 measuring cylinders to fill the orange juice container. Each measuring cylinder holds 25 ml of water.  So the orange juice bottle can hold exactly 1375 mls of water. Which is 1.375 litres.” Ziyu

Today we set ourselves our new maths goals.  We did this because we want to challenge ourselves and improve our number fluency.  

Today we attempted a science quiz from the CSIRO.  How well can you do?

Double Helix Quiz

Thank you for reading our blog, please check back next week for more information.  (Wesley & Mia)

The Year 2 Neighbourhood