Learning Focus – Week 3

Here’s what’s happening in the neighbourhoods this week;

What happens around our school?

This week, our exploration of maps continues as we look at ways to measure and create scales to highlight the different spaces in our school. Students will have opportunities to measure, compare, illustrate and explore the different ways learning happens throughout the different environments and how to share these experiences with others through their own maps.

Working together

As we have been exploring teamwork through workshops and provocations, students are now able to share their thinking with others. This week we will be coming to a consensus about what good teamwork looks like here at P.H.P.S and the expectations we have for success. The concept of feedback is also being introduced as we look at the ways the audience has a role to play when we are sharing our thinking and learning.

Letter writing

This week students are building on their ‘letters to themselves’ written in week one. We are looking at the purpose and structure of a letter and how this way of writing allows us to share our thoughts directly with others. Students will have a workshop and a provocation to support their learning.

Learning Machines

Students continue to design and label their learning machines and this week will be able to build prototypes, sharing with others the things that will help them be the best learners they can be.


We continue our exploration about emotions, exploring how we can best manage them and know ourselves best. Students will do this through a workshop and through home group circle times.

Cybersafety and getting digital

This week our students will begin using their digital learning tools in the neighbourhood. There are some workshops that support their responsible use and students will also be signing the digital user agreement.


The 3/4 teaching team