Notizie italiane!

Ciao a tutti, benvenuti alle notizie del quarto trimestre!

L’Esperienza Italiana: 11 & 12 ottobre

Here are some reflections by the students on their 2 day Italian experience, shared with students from Brunswick North, Merri Creek and Spensley St Primary Schools

  • ‘Mi e` piaciuta la pizza, mi e` piaciuto tutto’ Claudia
  • ‘Hi, it’s Astrid – io adoro il gelato
  • Io sono Emma…I liked the lavender farm”
  • “Io sono Lexie, and I liked the lavender farm”
  • “I’m Pearl and I liked the bocce”
  • “I’m Nina and I liked the lavender farm”
  • Io sono Gemma and I liked the lavender farm”
  • Io sono Zara and I liked roaming through the old cottages”
  • Io sono Zadie and I liked the gnocchi”
  • “Io sono Kalyca and I think the highlight was bocce and the lavender farm”
  • “Io sono Grazia and I think my favourite part was going to the lavender farm”
  • “Hi my name is Raveena and my favourite thing was doing the treasure hunt at the lavender farm”
  • Io sono Zoe, my favorite part was the lavender farm”
  • Io sono Elly e mi piacciono i gnocchi”
  • “I’m Iris and I liked the lavender farm so much!”
  • La tarantella con Rosa, che esperienza fantastica!” Jeff
  • “Io sono Vincenzo, my favourite part from the Italian camp was bocce”
  • “Ciao io sono Luigi. My highlight from the Italian camp was eating the food”
  • “Ciao io sono Archie, I liked the crostoli”
  • “Io sono Seamus, my highlight was the lavender farm”
  • “Ciao io sono Bianca. My favorite thing was going to the lavender farm”
  • “Io sono Deyar, and I liked the gift shop”
  • “Io sono Patrizio, my highlight was sleeping in the back of the bus at the end of the second day. I had the best dream ever!”
  • “Io sono Carlos and my favourite highlight was the lavender farm. There were so many activities to do there and the entire experience was just fun overall”
  • “It was a pleasure to share this two day Italian experience with the students and Jeff who kindly came along too! For me one of the highlights was watching the children interact with  members of the Furlan club who generously gave up their time to teach them how to play bocce, to make crostoli and made delicious gnocchi for everyone’s lunch! ” Anne-Maree

There are many exciting events occurring in Italian this term. In week 1, 27 year 5 students will attend the Inner North Esperienza Italiana, alongside students from Brunswick North, Spensley St and Merri Creek primary schools. This two day experience sees students travel to the Furlan Club in Thornbury, for bocce and soccer clinics, tarantella and biscotti making workshops. Students will enjoy a 2 course lunch of pasta and gelato. They will then travel to Spensley St PS for a bilingual comedy performance and enjoy a pizza dinner. Day 2 we will travel to Shepherds Flat to Lavandula, a site settled by the Swiss-Italian Tinetti family, who migrated to Victoria during the 1850s gold rush. There we will take part in a tour of the historic stone cottage, engage in a treasure hunt, make lavender bags and enjoy lunch in the beautiful gardens. This two day event gives students both urban and rural experiences of Italian life and culture and an opportunity to interact with members of the Italian speaking community and with their peers from neighbouring schools.

In week 6 (November 14) the Coro dei Bambini will celebrate their year’s hard work by taking part in a half day rehearsal at Brunswick North PS and then a joyful evening performance at the Abruzzo Club, Lygon St East Brunswick. This annual event is a celebration of Italian music, culture, song and dance and is greatly enjoyed by the Coro participants and families alike!

Towards the end of term (dates to be advised), students in the year 5/6 neighbourhood will walk to the local gelateria, Zero Gradi, to order a gelato in Italian! This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the vibrant Italian culture in our local neighbourhood, for authentic communication in the target language, and is definitely a highlight of the year for the students!

All students across the school will be continuing to explore the language through songs, dance and movement, visual and written texts, games, oral interactions and online experiences (Languages Online and Kahoot). They will further their knowledge of the language by examining the notion of gender (all nouns in Italian are either masculine and feminine and consequently have varying definite articles), through exploration of vocabulary related to family and celebrations (prep) and foods/eating and drinking (years prep-6). They will express likes/dislikes and preferences, and practise ordering foods and other items, remembering of course to always use the appropriate greeting and per favore/grazie/grazie mille! These skills are key to effective use of the language and provide an insight into the cultural workings and expectations of Italian society.

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