Welcome to term four!

Hello and welcome back!

Term four has arrived and this week we have all been as busy as ever.


Students are finishing up their inventive timepieces. They have been working in pairs and small groups and the creations are being used to measure important things in our every day lives. Next week we’ll be sharing with each other how the timepieces operate and will be working out average time as part of our maths inquiry.


Students have been building on their timelines and writing their personal recounts. We are exploring how these pivotal moments in our lives have shaped our identities and once finished, will be recording them with sound effects. Building on their first-person writing, students have also been working hard to master speech marks, editing and paragraphs.

Hong Kong Investigation 

With some of the 5/6’s away on the Hong Kong exchange, students have been learning more about Hong Kong and the unique food, traditions and language they have there. We’ve been sharing stories about visits, researching interesting facts and looking at maps which include key places and interesting monuments.

Camp Assembly Preparation 

This week 3/4 is hosting assembly and we are getting ready to share our thoughts and learnings from the 3/4 camp! We will be sharing recounts, capabilities and highlights from our time and would love for you to join us at 3:00 on Friday to hear all about it.

3/4 Team