District Athletics

Yesterday, 47 students represented Princes Hill at the District event. There were 11 school participating and it was clear that the level of competition was high. Well done to everyone in our team for putting in 100%. It was awesome to see children cheering each other on and showing good sportsmanship to competitors from other schools.

Congratulations to the following students who placed. An amazing result!

Individual events

80m Hurdles: Maggie (1st), Patrick (4th), Anisa (3rd)

100m: Maggie (1st), Bianca (1st), Malik (2nd), Juliette (3rd), Thomas (4th), Anouk (4th)

200m: Imani (1st), Maggie (1st), Bianca (1st), Malik (2nd), Iggy (4th)

800m: Anisa (1st), Robbie (2nd), Ana (3rd), Joel (3rd), Ann (3rd), Daniel S (4th)

1500m: Ana (1st), Joel (1st), Robbie (2nd), Anisa (3rd), Nina (4th), Javiera (4th), Alexander D (4th)

High Jump: Malik (1st), Heath (3rd), Vittoria (3rd), Elsie (4th)

Long Jump: Malik (1st), Vittoria (2nd), Elsie (3rd), Anabelle (4th)

Triple Jump: Maggie (1st) Nina S (1st), Iggy (4th)

Shot Put: Greta (1st), Luis (2nd), Hannah M (2nd), Vincent (3rd), Archie (3rd), Elsie (4th), Vittoria (4th)

Discus: Greta (1st), Luis (2nd), Patrick (2nd)

4X100m Relay teams

12+ Girls: Maggie, Ana, Juliette and Vittoria (1st)

12+ Boys: Thomas, Daniel, Tem and Heath (2nd)

11 Girls: Bianca, Nina S, Cara and Hannah M (3rd)

11 Boys: Noah, Imani, Robbie and Om (2nd)

10 Boys: Tom, Malik, Christian and Patrick (2nd)

10 Girls: Anisa, Anouk, Georgiana and Grace (4th)

We wish our Division team (Tom, Christian, Malik, Patrick, Imani, Noah, Robbie, Om, Greta, Luis, Hannah, Vittoria, Joel, Ana, Anisa, Bianca and Nina) all the best for their events on the 10th of October.

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