Learning Focus: Week 8

Welcome to (the middle of) Week 8!

There is a lot on in the 5/6 Neighbourhood this week. Here are some of the highlights:


The groups for our upcoming presentation are in full swing. Our debaters/actors/orators are refining their scripts, building their props and starting to rehearse. Our animators are exploring different types of animation, keeping their eye on the prize of producing a quality, polished piece of animation. Our visual artists are focussed on expressing their vision of the ideal world through art. Our Dancy Dressy crew are creating their costumes and working on their choreographies. All the while, our tech crew are working out how they can support all the other groups in terms of lights, sounds and other aspects of stagecraft. Stay tuned for more details of the production!


Students are involved in many different forms of writing. These include zines, narratives, game instructions, online magazines, choose your own adventures and movie scripts. We are supporting these excellent endeavours through target teaching on the fundamentals of writing; clauses, conjunctions, commas and more.


This week it is all about the concept of division, playing lots of games of Numero and creating probability games.


Please enjoy these images, courtesy of our visual artists: