Artist in Residence

Week 6

This week the students spent time completing and refining their models, ready to present to Munir, Deb and myself. It was vital for each team to communicate the main ideas for their designs and instruments so when Deb, Munir and myself met, we were able to tease out the essential elements of each design and find a way of bring these elements together to create one final design.

Here are some of the design ideas:




It was not as hard as we first imagined it would be as there were some very strong recurring themes emerging from the designs.

From our discussions, we realised that the main ideas for the spiral, circle and mazes and the square frames could all be incorporated together in the final design. The instrumental aspect to the final design will be created later in consultation with students and incorporating the main features of their instruments, such as the shaker, the xylophone and the windchimes.

Here is a rough sketch of the design that Munir created while discussing the students’ ideas with us.

Stay tuned for the next Blog post where you will find real making and creating occurring! Students will measure, saw, and prepare the bamboo and site for the preparation of the 3/4 designed bamboo installation  for the playground.

Exciting times ahead…


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